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 Monroe warrior - application.

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PostSubject: Monroe warrior - application.   Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:31 am

Character Name - Monroe

Class and Spec - Warrior ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Level - 80

Where you referred by anyone? - seen add on ER forums? so i thought i'll give this app a go.. no harm in trying..

Your PvP experience - Well vanilla WSG leader ..vanilla world pvp, still has memory of how to form a wsg team. but tacts might of changed since then and set ups? also in BC i did a few runs with some olde timers in premades just 4 of us and won a few Very Happy me carrying flag.
How long have you played WoW? - since may 22nd 2005..

Other useful information - I'm usualy more active at night..due to UK times and such i cant do anything heavy usualy free 7UK time so thats 8UK time weekends am on alot Razz . i'm currently alliance still, BUT i am looking for a change. damn i miss some olde folks from the good olde days..i am on bout before BC and wrath Sad.. i feel alone sometimes.. need a new home!!!!!!!!!

Your age and nationality - 28 - British - England

Do you have any questions or comments about guild rules? - Nope..i follow orders i listen..if i dont speak im still listening
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Monroe warrior - application.
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