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 Thazg - Warrior application

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PostSubject: Thazg - Warrior application   Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:50 pm

Character Name - Champion Thazg

Class and Spec - My mainspec is Arms, and my offspec is Fury. The Fury-spec is mostly for PvE randomness at the moment, but I'm interested in trying the new fury in PvP, since I used to PvP as a Fury Warrior in the past.

Level - 80

Where you referred by anyone? - Ardenuil and Grogger

Your PvP experience - Since I dinged my Thazgy 60 back in vanilla, I have been a PvP player. After that I leveled a human paladin to another realm and played in the realm's 3 top premades for a few months. In TBC I mostly played my paladin, running at 1800-2k ratings. In Wotlk I've mostly focused on my paladin and DK when it comes to PvP. Paladin has had nice ratings every season, DK had 1900~ at some point. And well.. Yeah, Thazg had 1799 rating at the latest season Sad Played Arms/Arms/Holydin with Grogger's warrior before the bladestorm nerf, which pretty much ruined the comp and I changed to my dk Razz After my latest break I've been queuing to every WG and random Bg I've had the time to log in for Smile

How long have you played WoW? - I started WoW about 5-6 months after it was released in EU. Since then I've had a few breaks for 1-5 months. So yeah, I've been playing for a while. Very Happy

Other useful information - I'm a social, but a bit lazy uni. student, I study Industrial Design. I also play guitar. My life is a bit busy at the moment, but whenever I find some time, I log to wow or watch anime ^^ and relaxxxx.

Your age and nationality - I'm a 21 years old guy from the northern Finland. (Grogger's bro btw)

Do you have any questions or comments about guild rules? - Wooo, seemed to be awesome Surprised Might be interested in leading a bg group at some point if there's no one else available or smth. I used to have my own premade running at some point Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Thazg - Warrior application   Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:41 am

All seems cool and even better. Im happy there is another person keen on leading. Poke me on Ayelin in game if you catch me or try to ask in guild for someone who can invite (/who doomhammers legacy).

Have a nice day.
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Thazg - Warrior application
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