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 Retri paladin going shockadin looks for a place to kick it

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PostSubject: Retri paladin going shockadin looks for a place to kick it   Mon Oct 18, 2010 7:14 am

Well Ill just fill this in then,

Character Name -


Class and Spec -

Paladin, im retri now, but how it stands now ill be switching to shockadin for Cata

Level -


Where you referred by anyone? -

Voom a friend of mine irl joined you guys last week

Your PvP experience -

Been playing this game since april 2005. Played fixed bg healadin in this era. Also was one of the pioneers for the ``shockadin`` spec in TBC (was the highest rated shockadin in europe for most of TBC), was leader of a pvp guild on the alliance side (overrated) but was with Cruoris for the most of the expansion. Switched to PVE for WOTLK (death of the shockadin kinda meh-ed me out) did some casual arena's but never got above 1900 in wotlk.
Then I followed a former pvp buddy of mine to stormscale horde side but that didnt work out (he transfered shortly after, and i couldnt handle the spam) So i came back to earthen ring.

And altho i miss being a dwarf, im not changing back to Alliance


How long have you played WoW? -

since 2005

Other useful information -

other that I like Pie and Beer none really

Your age and nationality -

28 and im dutch
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Retri paladin going shockadin looks for a place to kick it
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