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 Taking time off.

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PostSubject: Taking time off.   Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:01 pm

Hey, so, I have decided like many people, to take a break before
Cataclysm, my chars were getting gear capped without doing a lot of
raiding/arena and I cba right now as it's lost a lot of it's appeal to

However, I am not taking a total break, I've made some lowbie alts on
the Sha'Tar RP realm Alliance, to see how the other half live etc, it's
made it feel a bit more frsh and fun for me so I'm gonna stick to that
for a bit. The few times I've been on ER recently no one has been
online and I dunno if it's cause I was offline for a few days or cause
of people just taking time off but I decided to stick with the new alts
for a bit and do what's fun atm.

For those who want to chat, my RealID is: please
post a message so I know who you are though with any friend request Smile

Martin (Necrid)
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Taking time off.
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