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PostSubject: Ryth    Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:03 pm

Hey how is everyone.

Ok a little about myself, Im 33, married two sons one 12 and one 9 months ish so if I disappear quick its bound to be their fault.

Ive been playing WOW for 3/4 years now after being introduced to it by Ity. Initially I played as a Warr of various names but got bored of him. I am now focused on my Hunter.

I have been in a few guilds ie AIE, Exitus Letalis, Blood and Bones, DOB (with Aenott), Wicked, Homegrown Heroes and some others and I can say that this is the most enjoyable bunch I have ever met. Even though my skills arent great I have never been made to regret mistakes. And yall put up with my questionable sense of humour. This is a top guild and I have no doubt that Cata will bring us fun and success

Right thats the gushy crap done.

Here to have fun and kick Alliance and Horde butt if necessary.
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