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 Facts about Ayelin

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PostSubject: Facts about Ayelin   Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:04 am

Hello fellas,

My name is Tomáš. Im 18 and I live in town called Levice situated in south of Slovakia. I study Electrical engineering focused on Automatization, Logic gates / circuits at Secondary Technical school.

I used to play baseball for about 7 years but then I rerolled to wow, its kinda less dangeours, physicly. Im spending lot of time in front of computer, but who isnt? When Im not home Im probably outside getting drunk, but who isnt? Dont have hobbies except sleeping and eating stuff, eatable stuff. Of course I mess with electrical thingies and software a little.

My first char on official server was rogue which I never leveled up to 80 due to brothers leaving to another realm. I made Hunter then, Death knight too and leveled both to 80. Later as I was bored I leveled my Warr up as well. Ive done lot of raid runs, however only really interesting boss was Yogg-Sarron. After brother getting bored in Pve guild and looking on ally being pwned so much he came here and started as horde and me getting bored of same thing, I followed him seeking PvP, at last, the only thing I wanted with my rogue and was never able to accomplish with any other 80s I mentioned.

Guess its all, if not I blame paladins.
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Facts about Ayelin
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