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 Useful addons

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High Warlord

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PostSubject: Useful addons   Fri May 28, 2010 9:25 pm

Add your useful Addons here.

Power Auras: (shows an on screen icon/aura when you have a proc ready etc)

Doom Pluse Cooldown: (shows the tooltip in large font on your screen when a cooldown or spell is ready to use again)
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PostSubject: Re: Useful addons   Sat May 29, 2010 6:25 am

Pitbull 4
Replaces your and everyone else's health-/mana bars with more easily readable and customizable bars.
It's easy to move around, you can choose fonts, have it display 2D or 3D portrait picture, choose colors etc.

Some people use Prat or Parrot, but I've always uset Chatter.
It basicly makes your chatbox more customizable, adds border choices and background choices. Also allows you to switch fonts, colors, font size etc. easily.

It's not really an "useful" but a very cool add to the game.
You can add any picture you want to be a part of your UI. You'll just change the picture format and size to fit the options, and add it.
After you've added the picture, you can scale it and move it around. For an good guide on how to use the thing, go there -> Here

Diminishing Return Tracker
Tracks your diminishing returns on spells such as Fear, Polymorph, etc. It's quite useful, and helps you alot.
Tells you when Diminishing Return has dropped off and fear lasts full duration again.

A simple cast bar addon, which shows cast time, DOT's, buffs etc by itself. The DOT tracker isn't that good, but it's not bad either.

This must be the best addon to reduce lag between casting. It makes the cast happen the moment you press the button, not the moment you lift your finger off the keyboard, like it normally does.

This will get rid of all the Anal [For The Children] spam you get, and goldsellers etc.

Scrolling Combat Text, makes the basic combat text system work better than normally.
You can change fonts etc too.

Gives your minimap different skins, I suggest this for everyone!

It's not really an useful one, but every 30min it drops off your minipet if you don't have it. You can choose the ones it'll drop.
Never used this, but I hear it's nice. If you're casting at the time this is supposed to drop the pet, it just fizzles and doesn't drop the pet.

This helps healing a big amount, not so much for PVP as for PVE, but it's nice for both. I suggest you use this if you're an healer. Maybe not for arenas, but for BG's. Shows when you're on range of people, and shows you their health in a simple manner.

This works great with grid! You assign mouse clicks etc to cast heals when you have your mouse above someone's healthbar.
Works the same as Mouseover macros, but doesn't work for people themselves, just healthbars.
P.S. I suggest you don't use anything with right mouse button, because that way you can't inspect etc using RMB if you do that.

Hope these addons help you guys to use things, everything can be found on
Just put the addon name to search.
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Useful addons
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