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 Forum update [5/25/2010]

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PostSubject: Forum update [5/25/2010]   Tue May 25, 2010 11:04 am

Still working on stuff here. You'll notice some members in green here on the forum, these are our honorary members such as Aenott who wish to be a part of our PvP action but who for whatever reason do not want to leave their current guild. I'll be setting up an application separate for them to keep things in order so you can all send them here to apply.

Also working on getting some tactics stuff going, I'm almost done and you can see it all soon and hopefully you all can add to it! Maybe a competition to see who can write out the best tactics for each BG and put it to a poll? We'll see XD It'll be more interesting than just linking to the wiki site anyway.

Other bits and bobs being done. And I still see no suggestions, get your thinking caps on :p

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Forum update [5/25/2010]
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