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 The name's Vox pleased to meet you

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PostSubject: The name's Vox pleased to meet you    Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:08 pm

so here's me

The name vox from the Latin meaning, word, voice, power, jurisdiction, right or authority.
but I didn't know all that when I made the character, I was just looking for a quick easy and easy to remember name for a healer, that people can shout out for, in the heat of battle.

My name is Callum I'm 25 years old, I work as a telecommunications fiber optic engineer,which I assure you sounds a lot better than it is, it's a whole lot of travelling all over the country, which don't get me wrong I love to travel but I've been doing this job for seven years now, I've seen nearly every town and village and most definitely every city in England Scotland and Wales, so now is just doing a lot of the same old crap, waking up at six o'clock in the morning as a lying driving for three hours on average doing half a days work staying in a crappy hotel with no Internet.

but what I do in that half the day of work, is splice fiber-optic cables using a machine called an arc fusion welder for a company you may have heard of, if you live in the UK you will have heard of, Vodafone.

But when I'm not driving all around the country, I'm home desperately trying not to spend too much money which is where WoW comes in.

I live with my girlfriend in a flat big enough for one but it's a bit like sliding doors round here when I'm in she's out and she's in I'm in another town usually.

Been playing World of Warcraft for two years on and off this is the third accounts I've had in that time, don't get me wrong it's nothing to do with wow why I've had three accounts, it's more to do with having eight or so addresses in the last two years, life's been a little crazy these past few years, but that's all over now and my life is starting to settle down.

As you can tell i like to talk, so I'm sure you'll all the hearing from me in due course.

Wishing everyone a good arena season.
May your enemies be crushed the under your heel.
May you extinguish their hope in a vast ocean of despair.
May your action make the name doomhammers something to fear

peace out

Callum (Vox)
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The name's Vox pleased to meet you
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